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The essence and values of nursing form the basis for all nursing roles and are the foundation for the advanced practice of nursing administration.

Within the continuum of nursing executive practice there exist varying titles and an evolving, dynamic configuration of functions. There are varied scopes of accountability and focuses of practice. Influencing, direction setting, designing the processes for care delivery, and system development are some of the functions that have evolved into nurse executive practice.

The role of nurses in executive practice has evolved from a focus on nursing services to a broader accountability for patient care services across the healthcare continuum. This expansion of role responsibilities positions nurse executives as members of the senior leadership team. Major themes in all dimensions of this role are collaboration, coaching, mentoring, diversity, co-creating, communicating and coordinating outcomes management, and enabling the spirit of the community.

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Nurse executives must have strong leadership and management skills, along with critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills. Graduate from accredited school with master’s degree in nursing administration; hospital or business administration; or equivalent experience.